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  Frequently Asked Questions about permanent hair removal

Q. What causes unwanted hair?

Heredity and hormonal changes are important factors which contribute to hair growth.

People who have ancestry from areas around the Mediterranean and the Middle East have a greater tendency toward excessive hair growth than those from Northern Europe and the Orient.

Hormones called androgens are directly responsible for hair growth in both men and women. Normal changes in the hormonal system occurring during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause may increase the level of androgens or decrease the level of the female hormone, estrogen, resulting in sudden, new hair growth on the body or face.

Excess hair growth can also be a symptom of disease, especially one that involves a hormonal imbalance such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Ovarian & Adrenal Tumors, Cushing's Syndrome, Adrenal Hyperplasia, and Hyperthyroidism.

Q. How does electrology hair removal work?
A. A very slight amount of electrical current is applied to the hair root, ending further growth.
Q. Why should I chose this type of hair removal over other, cheaper removal methods?
A. Many other hair removal methods provide only temporary relief to the problem of unwanted hair. Long term tweezing and waxing often exacerbate the condition by distorting the hair root, causing ingrown hairs and trauma to the skin. When you contemplate the cost, consider what a lifetime of creams, razors, and waxing will cost. Consider, too, the countless hours lost pursuing a temporary result. This is clearly the best and most cost effective solution, Today's fees are flexible enough to fit most budgets. Never take chances with your health; competent, professional service is well worth the cost.
Q. How long will I need treatments?
A. Permanent hair removal treatment programs are tailored to the client's needs. Many factors determine the number and the length of treatments required. Some of these may include the condition of the skin to be treated, the sensitivity of the skin, the number of follicles involved, past methods of hair removal and even your actions before and after treatments can impact the number of treatments needed. Many patients find weekly sessions of 15 to 60 minutes to be most effective.
Q. Does it hurt?
A. For most people, the traditional needle hair removal causes little discomfort. Most patients report tweezing and waxing to be much more uncomfortable than electrolysis treatments.
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