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Sandra Giblas


  • Licensed Certified Electrologist since 1992
  • Licensed Nurses Assistant
  • Worked in several hospitals throughout the Los Angeles area.
  • Taught Nurses Assistant program for the ROP (Regional Occupational Program) in the city of Los Angeles.
  • Bilingual


Since becoming a licensed, certified Electrologist in 1992, I have worked extensively in the field of hair removal. It is extremely gratifying for me to give my clients a permanent solution for their unwanted hair.

My goal is to provide the very best professional service at affordable prices.

I utilize the latest techniques, using both single needle, and multiple needles for larger areas.

Your comfort, privacy, and satisfaction are most important to me. Please call for a free consultation.



Words cannot express how much my quality of life has improved since receiving your electrolysis treatments. Prior to meeting you I had tried multiple hair removal treatment and they all failed. I spent over $4000 on laser treatments that only made my hair grow back thicker, caused in-growns and folliculitis, a disease of the skin that infects each individual hair follicle. Oh ya, and my money was not refunded so I lost all $4000 +. Also, since I have red hair and light complexion, waxing only makes in-growns worse and was very painful. Your electrolysis treatment is the only procedure that I have see results from. It has been almost a full year of treatments (1-1.5 hour visits every 3 weeks) and my stomach, breasts and chin are 97% clean and I couldn't be happier with the results. I hope this letter helps other woman who are contemplating getting this procedure done. It is a time and financial commitment but if you're serious about hair removal, go see Sandra. You will not be disappointed and you can trust her, she is the best!


Sandra took over Barbara's Electrology Studio several years ago. She is GREAT!
If you have had laser and it has not worked, you will be happy to know that electrolysis actually DOES! I just learned that electrolysis is the ONLY FDA Approved method for hair removal... laser is not.

Also, I went to several other local practitioners before going to Barbara's Electrology Studio and I had thought they were all the same, but they aren't. All the other places used only the single needle ("blend", I think it's called?) and it is a SLOW and painstaking process. Sandra uses multi-needle you you can have something like 12-15 going at once... PLUS she can do the blend at the same time! So you have a LOT of hairs being done at the same time!

I am virtually hair free now, between my eyebrows, chin, neck, upper lip (I occasionally have to go in for a 'touch up' here & there). Sooooooo worth it!

Sandra does face, chest, armpits, pack, knuckles, "happy trails", uni-brows, bikini lines etc. etc. She is GREAT at what she does. This is a slow and methodical process and she is excellent at it. She is very professional and full of integrity, honesty, and loyalty... plus, she is SUPER confidential.

I would recommend her HANDS DOWN to anyone - male or female - who needs hair removal.

Staci M.

I've used about five different kinds of laser hair removal doctors and machines. Each time I hoped it would be successful. Each time it wasn't. What I found was the hair actually became worse. I'm able to grow a full beard. Since I've been going to Sandra at Barbara's Electrology Studio I have seen a true result. There were no hopeful, "I think it looks better" thoughts. They were more "Oh my gosh! There's totally less hair!" thoughts! It has been a complete encouragement and I'm starting to feel more like a girl again.

Ellen B.

I have been a client with Sandra Giblas for six years and have been delighted with the results and service that I have received. Sandra's level of professionalism and proficiency in her field of hair removal has added to the success and comfort in my experience.

I have undergone treatment in several different areas. I am enjoying the pleasure of being 'free of hair' -permanently- in these areas. I have a newfound confidence that has come with my clean appearance.

Sandra's dedication to meeting my needs and expectations is exceptional. She takes great strides to make the process comfortable.

I have visited other electrologists in the past with minimal results. Sandra has created a comfort level that encourages me to keep my appointment regularly, thus contributing to the continuing success in my treatment routine. Sandra's techniques, professionalism and dedication to her practice have brought me great results in hair removal.

Kathleen Bridges


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